A fully decentralizedNFTwar game based on move smart contract on Aptos blockchain

Season 9 Ended
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In a distant land, where magic and mythical creatures roam free, a fierce battle has been raging for centuries between the witches and the werewolves. Each side fights for dominance and control, using all their strength and cunning to emerge victorious.

The witches are a powerful and mysterious group of sorceresses, led by the mighty witch queen. They wield formidable magic and are known for their strategic thinking and clever tactics.

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The werewolves are a fierce and primal breed of shapeshifters, led by the alpha werewolf. They are known for their strength and ferocity, and will stop at nothing to claim victory for their pack.

The two sides have fought countless battles over the years, with each side gaining and losing ground. But no matter how many times they clash, the war never truly ends. For this is not a normal war - it is a war game that allows the witches and werewolves to fight indefinitely.

And so, the battle rages on, with no end in sight. The witches and werewolves continue to fight, locked in an eternal struggle for dominance. But no matter how fierce the battle may be, both sides know that they will always return to fight again, determined to emerge victorious in the end.

Game Score

Total Prize 0 APT

Total NFT Count

Witch Count(-%)

Wolf Count(-%)

NFT Minting price0.1 APT

Estimated prize for each Witch-

Estimated prize for each Wolf-

Last Battle Timer


Minimum War Period


End Game


1. Initial NFT Strength : 1 - 5 point

2. Strength point will affects the win-rate in battle

3. You can list your NFTs on Battle Arena. Then enemy NFTs can challenge your NFT.

4. After the battle, you can win or lose your NFT.

5. NFTs will have random strength property. strength will affect the chance to win

6. Can't fight the same side(only werewolf vs witch)

7. Can't fight overpowered enemy.(If a NFTs strength gap is larger than 10 points)

8. You can consume enemy to gain more strength.

9. Consume: Burn the enemy NFT and gain strength from the enemy NFT(randomly between 1 ~ enemy NFT's max strength)

10. Game over: If one side takes more than 70% of the total NFT count, and the total count is more than a specific amount, or if there are no battles for 7 consecutive days, the end game button here will be available for clicking.

How to play


- To start playing, you need at least one Werewolf vs Witch NFT

- Minted NFTs get random Strength and Species

- Minting fee gets stored in Vault on contract

Go to the mint page


- Winner receives enemy's NFT(Taming)

- Battle to other or register to take battles

- Consume enemy's NFT and gain strength

Go to the battle page

Go to the consume page

Game Over

- If one side takes more than 70% of the total NFT count, and the total count is more than a specific amount, or if there are no battles for 7 consecutive days, the end game button here will be available for clicking.

Get Prize

- After the game ends, holders of the winner faction NFTs will be able to claim the prize money from vault by burning their winning faction NFTs.

Phase two game pass

You can earn Phase Two Game Pass by being in the winning faction when the game ends

Your winning history will be recorded and you'll be able to receive the prize in the future.

Holders of the game pass will have certain privileges in the upcoming Phase 2 and 3

Battle to Earn

You can earn a maximum of 10 WAR for participating in the battle.

Both challenger and the user who put up a challenge gets the reward

Go to the battle page


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Phase #1


Werewolf and Witch is a fully decentralized, Move smart contract, based, NFT-based, War game built on the Aptos network

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Phase #2

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

3 vs 3 decentralized game built with Unreal Engine 5.1

ETD: Sep, 2023

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Phase #3


Open-world MMORPG decentralized game built with Unreal Engine 5.1

ETD: Q2, 2024

Go to the roadmap page


How to Earn War Coin?

You can obtain War Coins from battles. In battles, War Coins accumulate over time, and when the battle between two NFTs ends, the accumulated War Coins are divided and shared. War Coins can also be obtained from other special content such as dungeons, raids, land staking and more.

How is the probability of winning calculated?

The probability of winning is calculated by adding or subtracting the difference in Strength from 50%. The calculation is as follows: Probability of winning = 50% + Strength difference.

How can I win a prize?

After the game is over, there will be a 'withdraw prize' button below the 'End Game' button. By clicking on the button and selecting the character from the winning faction, you can receive the prize money.

How can the game be ended?

The game can be ended when one faction's numbers exceed 70%. By pressing the 'End Game' button, the war will be concluded, and you can receive the prize with the character from the winning faction.

To end the war, a minimum war period of 5 days is required.


Do you have any inquiries? Please let us know through our Discord ticket system. Join our Discord server and open a ticket to get in touch with us. We're here to assist you!



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