Welcome to Werewolf vs Witch Deflationary/Decentralized
NFT War Game on Aptos blockchain

If you're a beginner or having difficulties playing the game,
please check out our handy guide below

Mint / Wallet

To start playing, you need at least one Werewolf vs Witch NFT. You can do so in our Mint page. Make sure you've connected your wallet before proceeding. When your wallet is connected, the mint button will be activated, and you'll be able to mint the NFT. We recommend that you have enough balance in your wallet before minting the NFT.

You can check the current status of the NFT collection, the remaining number of mints available, and the cost of minting above the mint button. Every NFT you mint will have random species and strength (strength of the initial NFT will vary between 1 - 5), and your minting fee will be stored in the vault on the contract.

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When you have your Werewolf vs Witch NFT, you can go to our Battle page and either battle other NFTs or register your NFT to take challenges from other players. You can choose between Normal battle and Battle with Bet mode. If you choose Normal Battle mode, you win or lose your NFT as the result of your battle. And if you choose Battle with Bet mode, you can bet WAR coin to battle with other NFTs and you won't lose your NFT.

The strength of your NFT will affect your chances of winning the battle. Please be aware that you can't fight when the opponent NFT is too weak or too strong compared to your NFT(Normal mode: 30 strength, Betting mode: 15 strength). After the battle, the winner will take the opponent's NFT. You can always delist your NFT from the Battle page.

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If you want strengthen your NFT, you can do so on the Consume page by consuming opponent faction's NFT. To do so, select the NFT you want to strengthen and the NFT you want to use as material. Your NFT will get stronger with random amount of strength based on the strength of the material NFT (between 1 - material NFT's strength). Keep in mind that you can only use the enemy faction NFT as the material NFT.

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Battle Money

We've implemented an incentive system for battles(both normal and betting mode) in Werewolf vs Witch. We figured that people may not always participate in battles or consume NFTs purely out of love for our NFTs, which could cause our game end up being stale. That's why we've added this system to encourage players to take these actions. When there are no battles taking place, fight money will start to accumulate up to the current NFT mint price. Players who take these actions will receive the accumulated fight money in WAR coin.

Game Over

If one side takes more than 70% of the total NFT count, and the total count is more than a specific amount, Or if there are no battles for 7 consecutive days, the end game button here will be available for clicking. After the game ends, holders of the winner faction NFTs will be able to claim the prize money by burning their winning faction NFTs.

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