What is War Coin

War Coin is a coin used throughout the ecosystem of Werewolf and Witch games,
and it is awarded for contributions to the ecosystem and community service activities

How to earn War Coin

1. War Coin is obtained through major ecosystem-contributing activities within the game, such as battles, enhancements, etc

2. The allocation and issuance of community coins are adjusted based on the importance and frequency of activities within the game.

War Coin Usage

Purchase of Game Item NFT (Potion, Land, War hero)

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Beast Collector

Explore and collect rare Beasts, and watch them evolve. There are countless undiscovered creatures waiting to be found in the world

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War Coin Information

Total Supply : 1,000,000,000

Ticker: WAR

Blockchain: Aptos

War Coin contract

Contract Address : 0x52ab49a4039c3d2b0aa6e0a00aaed75dcff72a3120ba3610f62d1d0b6032345a::war_coin::WarCoin

Additional Information

WAR Coin will be sold through the launchpad of a DEX in Aptos from May 18th to May 21st.

War Coin Listing

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